About Us

Aerowurkz Aerial Spraying Services provides agricultural aerial spraying services to the agricultural industries in Visayas and Mindanao. They cater to banana, sugarcane, palm oil and rice plantations in Visayas and Mindanao. By providing this service, they aim to contribute to farm productivity. They are located at BTC Hangar, Gen. Aviation Area, Old Airport, Sasa, Davao City and Araneta St., Singcang Bacolod City.


The company envisions to become one of the “Biggest Aviation Company for Aerial Spraying Services in Asia and Ag Flying School in Mindanao” which in line with the vision of AYP Holdings Inc. to be become the No. 1 Holding Company in Mindanao.


Davao Aerowurkz Corporation is committed to the following missions for the realization of their vision and the vision of AYP Holdings, Inc.:

  • To serve the agri-business industry throughout Mindanao and Visayas by giving the safest and best quality aviation spraying and on time delivery of services;
  • To efficiently and precisely undertake farm pesticides spraying and aviation services for total customer’s satisfaction;
  • To keep abreast on the advanced technology particularly on aircraft maintenance for maximum safety requirements;
  • To establish a flying school in Mindanao with the highest quality training and instruction in agricultural flight aviation;
  • To have continuous development of training programs for all the employees and Agricultural Pilots both technical and behavioral aspects of the operations for them to be always conscious on the safety, quality, productivity, on time delivery, costs effective, more flexible and high morale on their jobs;
  • To come up with employee compensation package to motivate employees and Agricultural Pilots;
  • To adapt and implement the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Management for long term viability and sustainability.